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Elyse Kowtecky

Chief Operating Officer at Fusion Homes

Through both one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as group training, Nicole has helped me professionally improve in areas of priority management, delegation, and leadership. She has a great ability to listen, truly diagnose issues and help determine appropriate, actionable solutions that actually make a difference when implemented.


The work Nicole did with me specifically on priority management really changed my approach to work organization. The ripple effect of this coaching has helped me manage my work/life balance in a much healthier manner and has had a very positive impact on reducing my stress levels. I have also witnessed the work she has done with my direct reports and am seeing the changes her coaching has had on their behaviors and overall work performance.


You can tell she truly cares about the individuals she coaches and the results that are obtained. On top of that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with!


Oscar Quinonez

Regional Operations Manager at Moffatt & Powell RONA

From a personal note I am thrilled to be able to recommend Nicole’s approach to training that is specific to developing a varied team within Moffatt and Powell. Nicole’s training approach is a collaboration that includes our specific needs as to make it relevant to the team.


The venue properly sets the stage that is relaxed, professional and a beautiful setting. A great experience that will pay dividends with our staff and one that will be remembered!


John MacFarlane

President & CEO at London Health Sciences Foundation

Nicole Edwards worked side by side with us on key areas of our organization. Her expertise in areas of Employee Engagement, Leadership and Management Training, Organizational Behaviour, and Call Center operations has been highly valuable to us in a year of big change.


Her style and approach were refreshing. Nicole listened well to determine what was important to us and how she could provide the greatest value. Her knowledge and insight were key in helping us make critical decisions that have had an immediate impact on our productivity, efficiency, our people and the overall work environment at LHSF.


I would recommend Nicole to any company that is open to taking a hard look at things and exploring ways to be more effective and productive, while also considering what kind of workplace culture you want to create. Nicole's greatest ambition is to work collaboratively to ensure that your organization is highly successful.


Jim Warren

VP of Maintenance & Preservation at ResiPro

Nicole was brought on to assess the level of employee engagement within TenantAccess due to some low employee engagement challenges resulting from significant growth challenges and changes at the company.


She provided a professional and accurate assessment of our current state and worked to develop and coach valuable employees in key roles.


Nicole possesses a unique energy and insight that brought immediate trust and open communication to each employee she interacted with.


Brad Adams

General Manager at Sunningdale Golf & Country Club

Nicole Edwards and Sunningdale G&CC have been working hand in hand over the past 3 years. Nicole and Peoplesyde brand have brought a wealth of new teachings and strategies to approaching our staff compassionately.


The outcome in a short amount of time has already proven to be a better workplace environment with focus on high performance/ standards. Culture and Engagement are two words Nicole has successfully embedded in the forefront of my mind, for the better.


Our key staff, even as recently as March 1, 2021 enjoyed a day with Nicole on improving our approach. I highly recommend Nicole for all your HR, culture and organization directives.


Laurie Dietz

President and CEO of TLS

Nicole has an incredible passion for training and development. She took the time to understand core needs and objectives. From there she developed tools to effectively achieve them in a supportive environment.


Freda Lau

Marketing Director at Scoop Robotix

I’ve worked with Nicole for nearly 4 years. She has identified coaching opportunities in growing my team’s skill set which has been crucial as an early-stage company.


As a young leader, I’ve benefited from Nicole’s training as it has prepared me for many challenges in a managerial role. I always leave with insights that I can use to improve my leadership skills or grow my team after our sessions.


She brings a personal approach in giving me constructive feedback for my leadership development in managing people effectively, coaching others, performance management and priority management. We have also worked on managing difficult conversations and she has always provided me with structure on handling them effectively.


With Nicole’s supportive approach, I have been able to handle completely new challenges feeling more certain. Nicole has successfully hired half of our team because she is skilled at spotting talent and assessing skills, attributes and behaviors that will be a perfect fit for us.


Maureen Meehan 

Senior Advisor at Bullseye Corporate

Nicole is an exceptional executive coach who is clearly passionate about helping individuals and organizations enjoy greater productivity, stronger leadership and ultimate success.


Nicole possesses excellent listening skills, she take an honest look at the culture of the organization and leverages her experience to bring about change.


She is highly collaborative and I recommend Nicole to any organization that is looking to improve results by investing in their people.

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