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Management & Leadership Training

Professional Development is a necessary investment to retain talented people.  Peoplesyde has developed a robust Management and Leadership Training Program that addresses common skill gaps for your management teams and customize the training to be tangible, relevant and related to your organization. 

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We complete detailed leadership assessments with executives and managers and those you may be considering promoting into a leadership role prior to beginning any management or leadership training. We assess current skills, gaps, attributes and management preferences. 


We work collaboratively with your leadership team to ensure our content and approach is integrated with your organization's goals and objectives and create concrete situations where the skills learned can be tested and applied.


We will move the needle with your teams so you can see observable changes in attitudes, behaviours, and skills of those you choose to invest. 

The most popular Leadership Workshops offered are: 


Peoplesyde brings a customized, development approach that large firms and online learning programs can't deliver.  


Performance Feedback

We show you that you don't have to choose between being honest and being liked by your teams when giving performance feedback.  We teach how to give honest feedback that will be meaty enough to improve skills, behaviours so individuals continue to improve and perform well.  


Priority Management

We share the concepts of how to plan, prioritize and schedule your work and home life based on urgency and impact.  You will learn how to triage your tasks better and focus on what really matters, gain more control of your calendar and get more done in less time. 


Productive Meetings

We will introduce a meeting process that will ensure participants look forward to meetings, get a lot out value from them.  You will learn how to create an effective agenda, manage different personalities in meetings and hit your meeting objectives. 


Resolving workplace conflict that strengthens relationships

Workplace conflict is inevitable.   We teach participants a process and concepts to resolve conflict effectively and in a meaningful way.   You will gain confidence initiating and working through difficult issues with colleagues so your working relationships are strengthened, you are more productive and work is more enjoyable.


Situational Leadership

Every day presents new challenges as a leader.  Peoplesyde equips you with skills to adapt your leadership style appropriately to variable situations.  Peoplesyde will assess your natural preferred leadership style and preferences.  You will learn how to assess your team's skills correctly, delegate tasks appropriately based on those skills and shift your leadership approach when necessary. 


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