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Culture & Engagement Assessments

Organizational Assessments provide an objective, outside perspective on the strengths and opportunities to improve your organization's overall performance, retention culture and engagement.



We will work closely with your organization to learn about your culture, understand what your challenges are and hear what is important to you.  We actively listen to understand your challenges to form a realistic approach. 



We meet with your team to identify your organization's strengths, big opportunities, "low hanging fruit" and potential gaps.  We will provide honest, objective data about how your people connect to your organization and a valued outside perspective of the type of culture and level of engagement that currently exists (Motivation and commitment to perform) 



You will receive a detailed breakdown of the data, key themes and sentiments analysis, and we will walk through the final results together with you and your team.  There will be high-level recommendations that you can change immediately to improve your organization’s overall performance & employee experience and longer-term objectives that will take more time and commitment to improving. 


Plan & Implementation

Peoplesyde will support the recommendations made by working collaboratively with you and your team to effectively implement them.  You can arrange for us to function as an external guide or work with you directly in-house to support the change you want to see.


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