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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create healthy, safe and rewarding workplace cultures for everyone, everywhere, so people and organizations can thrive! 

Our Vision

To be a valued resource to any organization that genuinely cares to create a high performing healthy, vibrant workplace culture for each individual within their organization, group or business. 

Nicole Hayman, Founder


Nicole Edwards-Hayman founded Peoplesyde  in 2012 out of a desire to create better workplace environments, where people feel safe to share new ideas, are skilled and competent in their role, where leaders are effective, inspiring and organizations are performing better each year.   

Nicole's Story

Where we work is strongly linked with our sense of identity and how we feel valued. Nicole experienced a few amazing,

"Camelot-like" workplace cultures and one highly toxic workplace culture in her career.    A major driving force for Nicole is to ensure everyone enjoys a healthy, safe, and rewarding place to work, and no one ever experiences the effects of a toxic workplace. 

Nicole Hayman’s career literally "took off" when she began working in the award-winning global airline,  British Airways.  As Executive Trainer for North America,  Nicole has travelled the world.  She designed, facilitated, and managed all training initiatives for executives and front line staff in New York, Jacksonville, and Toronto with over 1000 staff for 6 years.  Nicole benefited from learning and growing professionally within a world-renowned company that offered an incredibly diverse and exciting workplace environment. 

Nicole joined The Franchise Company in 2006, a company with 1700 franchises across North America.  Made up of home services companies such as California Closets, College Pro Painters, Pillar to Post, Certa Pro and others.  Nicole served in Operations and HR designing and implementing training programs for many TFC brands.  TFC provided an environment of continuous growth and learning that was embedded into its unique culture.  

Nicole started Peoplesyde HR Group in 2012, with a desire to help other organizations create their own unique workplace culture that employees would highly value.   Nicole has a degree in Psychology a diploma, studied organizational behaviour and has a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality.   At Nicole's core, she has a deep love and respect for the value of travel.  She enjoys travelling to experience different cultures, learn how people from different countries think, work and play.  

Nicole has worked in the airline industry, construction, not-for-profit, retail and hotels.  Nicole's life and work experiences from the many industries and businesses Nicole has worked with have formed the skills and expertise and insight Nicole brings to Peoplesyde today. 

Amazing organizations we have worked with 

We have had the opportunity to work with some great organizations and continue our 

relationship with them to provide value and support so they can continue to grow, thrive and perform.


  • London Health Sciences Foundation, London, Ontario

  • Moffatt and Powell RONA, London, Ontario

  • Fusion Homes, Guelph, Ontario

  • Sunningdale Golf and Country Club, London, Ontario

  • Forest of Flowers, London, Ontario

  • Tenant Access, Austin Texas

  • LBM Partner Services, London Ontario

  • Fivewalls Realty, Guelph & Toronto


Give us a ring! 

If you want to learn more to determine if Peoplesyde can help your organization, give us a call or email us so we can chat further.


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