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Creating healthy, safe and rewarding workplace cultures everywhere so people and organizations can thrive! 


Organizational Culture & Engagement Assessments

Peoplesyde can determine the current strength of your organization specifically, its ability to attract great people with the skills and values you want; its ability to inspire the strongest performance and ability to retain people long-term, so your organization can consistently grow and thrive.

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Recruitment & Development Tools 

Bolster your recruiting process with reliable tools to ensure you make the best choice for your teams and organization. These tools can also be used to support hiring decisions for new or vacant roles.  Using scientific data is the best way to ensure that you are not making a hiring decision based on gut instinct alone or personal biases.  

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Management & Leadership Training

People are the life force of any organization and they don't always come with ALL the skills to perform at their best. Peoplesyde helps better prepare individuals to transition into a leadership role, fill in skill gaps of managers and skill up those leaders whom you may wish to grow into new, exciting roles within the organization.


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Customer & Employee Surveys

Surveys are a great way to gain valuable data & insight to make smarter decisions, learn more about what your customers and employees most value.

We can help you create a survey program to gain valuable feedback, ideas and insight from your staff about new programs, policies or events. 


Strategic Planning

People need to know what the organization's goals are beyond their role. Building and implementing a well-defined and communicated strategy is a huge opportunity for organizations to overperform.  Peoplesyde provides experienced facilitation of the strategic planning process, from research to implementation. 


Oscar Quinonez, Regional Operations Manager at
Moffatt and Powell RONA

I am thrilled to be able to recommend Nicole’s approach to training that is specific to developing a varied team within Moffatt and Powell.


Nicole’s training approach is a collaboration that includes our specific needs as to make it relevant to the team. The venue properly sets the stage that is relaxed, professional and a beautiful setting.


Elyse Kowtecky
Chief Operating Officer at Fusion Homes

Through both one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as group training, Nicole has helped me professionally improve in areas of priority management, delegation, and leadership.

She has a great ability to listen, truly diagnose issues and help determine appropriate, actionable solutions that actually make a difference when implemented.


John MacFarlane, London Health Sciences Foundation

Nicole Edwards worked side by side with us on key areas of our organization.


Her expertise in areas of Employee Engagement, Leadership and Management Training, Organizational Behaviour, and Call Center operations has been highly valuable to us in a year of big change.

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